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These bottles represent the top of our range of personalised bottles. Each bottle is hand engraved and then the engraved area is filled with gold or silver paint to produce the most stunning effect.

We offer a bespoke engraved bottle using images or text of your own choice. The image must be pure black and white. We also specialise in family crests and house pictures. All we need is either a copy of your family crest as it appears in Fairbairns Book of Crests or, in the case of houses,  good contrast black and white photo. However unless the image is a vectored black and white image there may well be a need to re-draw this for engraving. Don't worry if you don't know what a vectored image is as neither did I until we started doing this. Our engraver can let you know very quickly once we see the image.

For all text engravings and for most existing black and white images of crests this is not likely to be necessary . However all photos and coloured images will need re-drawing. This is a hand operation and takes time and skill. Please see the images on the following pages of re-drawn photos and the finished product to get an idea of the skill involved. If we need to do this there will be an additional charge of £35.00 to pay for the designer to do the work. However as several of our customers have found they then have an image that they can use for lots of other printing and engraving purposes in the future.


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