Foxdenton Ginilicious Jams & Jellies

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15th December. Apologies for the lack of stock but orders`have wiped out our stock of jams and jellies. We should have more in early January

For some time we have been working on how to use the fruit that we have been infusing in Gin. The gardens of Buckinghamshire have been heavily composted with old fruit but we knew that there was a better solution.

Fortunatley for us Roger and Jacqui Shelton who work with us at shows are very keen on making Jams and Jellies. So with lots of trial and only a few errors Jacqui has perfected a range of jams and jellies using fruit that has been soaking in Gin. Hence Ginilicious!

I love fruit jellies so Jacqui has made these as well as jams even though the process is much more time consuming. The range covers most the fruit we use and whilst the jams are perfect for breakfast the jellies also work well as condiments with cold meats. For breakfast my favourite tends to be the Raspberry Jelly whilst the Damson Jam is my wife's favourite. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

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