Golden Apricot Gin

Golden Apricot Gin

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12th December. we have a slight hiatus with the Apricot production. We have just sold the last of the current batch and are waiting for VAT1 which holds the current batch to be racked. This is due next week. Apologies for the short term problem. I will put the 70 and 35cl bottles back up for sale when we have racked and filtered the next batch.

Our latest liqueur. Made from English Apricots this has been a wonderful discovery. We were given 30 kg of fruit in 2014 and asked if we would be interested in buying more. Our test batch of Apricot gin was such a success that we instantly said yes. We acquired 700kg in 2015 and sold all of the bottles by January 2016. After nearly 10 months without any Apricot it is now back on sale.

This year's Apricots were grown in the Isle of Wight as our Northamptonshire growers were hit by frost and lost their entire crop.

We picked them slightly later than last year to get more colour an d flavour and the result is amazing. The nose is very full of Almonds and almost smells like marzipan. However the tatse is a lovely sweet apricot but not in any way cloying.

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