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Winslow Plum Gin

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Our Winslow Plum is named after the town where we live rather than a variety of Plum. We make this liqueur from Plums from our garden and the gardens of our neighbours who kindly sell us their excess crop. We are also very lucky that about 15 miles from us there is a Religious community who grow lots of fruit and from whom we buy more plums. Interestingly everyone in their community earns the same whether  a picker or the finance director and all the profits they make go to helping homeless people in a number of cities across the country. 

You will be surprised at how strong the flavour of plum comes through in this drink. We use a mix of the local plums with everything from Aylesbury plums to Czar to Victoria going in to the mix during the harvest. We tend to grow more of the darker skinned fruits here in North Bucks and this gives the gin its lovely colour. ABV 17.5%

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